Choosing the right Children’s Activity Booking Software for you and your business can feel like a minefield! From our experience there are 2 important questions to ask yourself when you’re deciding on the right option for you.

1. Is it easy to use?

2. Does it do everything I need to run my business?

In this blog we explore some of the key things to expect from your ideal Activity Booking Software.

Making life easy for busy activity providers

At Wootzoo we understand that activity providers need custom functionality and flexibility when creating their activities. Things like:

  • Adding custom pricing for single/one-off activities
  • Allowing parents to book in part way through a term
  • Creating discount codes
  • Adding Password protection / Early access for certain users
  • Creating and managing Waiting Lists
  • Paying in cash

Make sure the activity software you choose ticks all the boxes you need.  Consider if the design is easy for you to use.  You don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out how to add a discount code or enable your waiting list!

At Wootzoo we’ve worked hard to create a super intuitive and flexible design that makes managing your children’s activities a cinch!

Is it easy for your customers to navigate?

Activity Provider Booking settings for wootzoo
Some of the options available when creating an advanced booking using

How many clicks do you think a user expects to take when making a purchase?  The answer?  As few as possible.

Our booking software has been expertly designed and developed to minimise friction between you and your customers purchasing their tickets.

The fewer steps that you can have between the customer browsing your activity and buying their ticket, the better!

The system needs to be intuitive to use – both for you and your customers. If a customer needs to stop and contact you with a question about their ticket (Is there a discount for siblings? Can I still book in if the term has already started?  Can I book a group ticket as I’m a childminder?) then it is likely to stop them from booking until they have an answer to their question. Likewise, if you can’t set up your tickets in the way that you know your customers need, it’s going to be harder to run your business in the way you want (and headache free!).



A sleek, mobile friendly design makes purchasing ‘on the go’ much easier for your customers.

Mobile view when booking activity
Mobile view booking activity

Now more than ever, your booking platform needs to be ready for mobile.

Year on year we’re seeing an increase of web use via mobile devices. Customers like the ease and convenience of being able to arrange and organise things on their mobile phones.

If your children’s activities booking platform is not mobile first, think fast about switching to one that is, and see those booking conversions fly through the roof!

If you don’t already have a mobile friendly booking solution you can sign up here for a Wootzoo provider’s account and try it out for free.


Does your booking platform remember your user’s card details?

Imagine the ease of use if your booking platform remembers your user’s payment details. It minimises ‘click to purchase’ ratio (which is just a fancy way of saying that it will take people fewer button clicks to be able to purchase) and just offers a more enjoyable and streamlined user experience.

Reminders sent to parents

Parents are busy! With a million things going on in a parent’s life, it’s easy to forget you’ve booked into the Sunday morning ballet class at the local village hall (trust us, we know)!  The facility to send reminders to parents should be standard when choosing your booking software. And, as you’re busy too, it should all be easy for you to set up and automate.

Marketing your activity

It’s all good and well creating your activities but how do you attract paying customers?

Does your software provide any marketing for you?

Wootzoo has marketing factored in from the beginning.  Not only can potential users find your classes via search, we also provide marketing tools, like flyer creation for your print media and QR codes, which you can either send in emails or print off and attach to posters.

We also make it easy for your users to share activities from their end, with social media share buttons and link sharing functionality.

Can we help you?

There are lots of things to consider when you are choosing the right Children’s Activity Booking software for you and your business. Ease of use (for you and the customer) and the right functionality are crucial.

At Wootzoo we’re really proud of the platform we’ve build and would love to show you round so you can decide if it’s the right one for you! Why not give our 30 day free trial a go and see how we can help making running your Children’s Activity business easier and simpler. There’s no obligation to continue if you feel it’s not right for you after your trial, so why not pop on over and find out more today!


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